PM Modi comes hard on opposition amid allegations of his links with Gautam Adani
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Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi yesterday in Rajya Sabha said that he is standing in front of the whole congress party and the opposition and he is the only one getting strong on the opposition “Ek Akela Kitno Par Bahri Pad raha hai”. He said this during his speech to the President’s address in Rajya Sabha. 

While patting his chest with force he said that the congress party and the opposition are not clear in their speeches. PM said in his address that the oppositions said collectively in their speeches about Narendra Modi strong-arming foreign countries for Gautam Adani and on the other hand they say that India is not powerful enough to stand a chance in foreign nations. He said that the opposition is admitting that India is becoming stronger in diplomatic relations with foreign countries.

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PM Modi said that India is becoming a superpower under his leadership and today ‘s developed countries along with developing and under-developing countries seek help from India. PM Modi said that during Covis times many companies lobbied for getting their vaccines approved by the government but he was determined to use country made vaccines that were much more effective and cheaper than other vaccines. 

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Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has sought explanation from the Prime Minister about his foreign visits and his link to conglomerate Gautam Adani. While showing a picture of PM Modi in a plane with Gautam Adani, Rahul Gandhi asked why was the PM traveling with Adani during his foreign visits. He also said that Gautam Adani went with the PM to foreign countries. He alleged that with PM Modi’s influence  Gautam Adani got projects from foreign countries like Israel and Australia. Rahul Gandhi along with  Congress President Mallikarjuna Kharge raised questions about the relationship of the government with Gautam Adani. 

The PM, who was wearing a jacket made of plastic recalled bottles spoke for 1 and half hour in Lok Sabha and spoke for about 87 minutes in Rajya Sabha. While the opposition’s MPs were raising slogans of Modi- Adani Bhai Bhai Narendra Modi said that mud- sliding would not help the congress party or the opposition. He said that his image got stronger by the charges and allegations by the opposition parties. While citing his party’s  election symbol Lotus he said that the lotus group is much better in mud. He said that his image of a strong leader didn’t come from newspaper headlines, he has given his life’s precious time to working for the country. 

Although PM Modi did not respond to the allegations of the opposition neither he gave his assent to the Joint Parliamentary committee JPC as asked by the opposition over the Adani row. 

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PM Modi also cited the use of Article 356 which is meant for establishing the President’s rule in a state. The PM said in his speech that previous governments have made the maximum use of article 356 and then Indian PM Indira Gandhi has used the article 356 for 50 times during her reign. 

PM Modi also raised concerns about states using a lot of taxpayers money in  paying debts. He said that the states should avoid taking excessive and massive amounts of loan for giving relief to common people to seek votes. He urged the State governments that they should think of their coming generations and asked the states to make the best use of money. According to some reports many states are paying one third of their income to settle dues and the states are giving freebies to people by taking massive amounts of loans that become mired in the state’s machinery. 

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