Free electricity, free travel for women, announcement of new districts, loan weaver and various government jobs to be presented in Rajasthan Budget 2023
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Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot will present Rajasthan Budget 2023 tomorrow. Many experts and government people are saying that the coming Rajasthan Budget 2023 will be a milestone. The Rajasthan Budget 2023 is going to be CM’s last Budget and he is going to consider many aspects in this including the announcement of  new districts as well as going for free and subsidised schemes that will benefit a large group of people of Rajasthan. 

The Rajasthan Budget 2023 is also expected by a large group of people as this Budget is going to be tabled in the middle of tussle going between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot. From the last few days the congress party is seeing fragmentation between its leaders at state as well as central level. This was also seen during Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra. 


The Rajasthan Budget 2023 is going to set an example for the other states as this Budget will take care of all fragments of people and is going to fulfil many demands. 


The Key points of the Rajasthan Budget are given here which mainly includes:

Announcement of various new districts in the state. 

Announcement of free electricity for rural and urban areas including farmers. 

Establishment of new schools and colleges including announcement of virtual school system. 

Announcement of government jobs with a focus on enhancing private sector jobs. 

Free travel facilities to women 



The Rajasthan Government can announce free electricity up to 200 units in rural as well as urban areas. The Rajasthan Budget can also include providing free electricity to farmers as farmers form a core voter base for both the parties. This step can also be seen as countering the Aam Aadmi Party which is going to contest elections this year in all 200 seats. 


The Chief Minister Chiranjivi Yojana, which currently gives free health benefits up to 10 lakhs can be increased in some cases up to 20 lakhs. The Rajasthan Government is also going to propose the health bill that will include free treatment in all private hospitals. Establishments of new hospitals and health checkup centers can also be announced in the Rajasthan Budget. 

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 The Rajasthan Government which is having troubles in facing the opposition and its own party leaders on the paper leak row is going to announce new recruitment in the Rajasthan Budget 2023. Various exams that are yet to happen can also see the date announcement in or after the Rajasthan Budget. 


Private sector jobs are going to be a major step of Ashok Gehlot as the unemployment ratio of the state is very high. After the last years invest Rajasthan summit, various major companies signed MOU for establishing new industries that can provide jobs to a number of youth population. 


Rajasthan Budget 2023 will also see Ashok Gehlot’s dream project of digital schools. Students will be able to take classes from their home that will automatically lead to reduction in the transport and school fees. 


Farmers can also see various reforms in terms of subsidy and loan weaver. As the congress party has announced in its manifesto. Various new industries that can benefit the farmer community are also expected. 

image source: Dainik Bhaskar


Targeting the female population of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot can also announce free travel to ladies in Rajasthan Roadways. Females are already given a concession of 30% in fare. 


Rajasthan Roadways, which is facing troubles of operating wit old buses can also expect announcement of new electric buses and making the RSRTC a government department. The RSRTC is currently operating as a Nigam and soon it can be transformed into a vibhag (department). This step will lead to increasing the salary of the employees and benefits that are given to them. 

Announcement of new districts:- Currently Rajasthan is divided into 33 districts. Some of the major districts are very large in areas and because of which people are facing troubles as the district headquarters are situated at large distances. People face problems in reaching and getting their work done because of poor connectivity. Demand for new districts have been pending for decades and this time it is hoped that Ashok Gehlot can give new districts. This step is going to be fruitful but there are many hurdles in that too. 15 years ago new districts were announced and that came out to a big relief to people of the concerned areas. 

The new districts that can be announced are:- 

BALOTRA- This area  is situated in Barmer district and is close to Jodhpur. According to reports it can be made a district by including some areas of Jalore and Barmer district. 

BEAWAR- This constituency is situated in Ajmer district not much far from the state’s capital Jaipur. 

KOTPUTLI- This area currently comes under Jaipur district but is very far from the district headquarters. This area is situated between Alwar, Jaipur and Sikar and also touches Haryana boundary. 

BHIWADI- This famous industrial center is located in Alwar district and is very close to the national capital of Delhi. 

NEEMKATHANA- This constituency also shares boundary with Haryana and is situated in Sikar district. It can be made by including some parts of Jhunjhunu district too. 

KUCHAMAN CITY- It is present in Nagaur district and is close to Sikar district. It can be made by including Didwana and Makrana constituency. 

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